Mango clothing company, which specializes in baby clothes, is going to shut down after only four years in business

Mango Clothing, a company based in Vancouver, Canada, has shut down following only four seasons in business.

The company has been operating under the name Mango Baby for several years now, but in January 2018, the company’s CEO announced the business would be closing down.

“We are announcing today that Mango will be shutting down its doors for good, and I’m sorry for all the people that were impacted by the journey,” CEO Tim Fong told the CBC.

“We have an amazing team that has been very dedicated to helping our customers in their quest to find quality products that fit their needs.

We have also been able to offer a wide range of product ranges, and we hope to continue to grow our business through our website and in other ways in the future.”

Mango Baby launched in 2018 and is known for its large collection of baby clothing and accessories, including mittens, hats, gloves, and baby blankets.

In 2018, they were one of only eight companies in the country to reach the $500 million mark in annual sales, according to a report from the Toronto Stock Exchange.