Which clothing brands are on the verge of a clothing extinction

Lands End Clothing is closing down its online store in the US, the company said in a statement.

The store, which launched in 2016, has closed due to low sales. 

Lands End Clothing said it has been forced to close its US and UK stores due to poor sales.

It said that the closure of the online store would be permanent.

Lands East Clothing also shut down its UK and US online stores due a lack of sales.

Lands West Clothing has said that it is also closing its UK stores as a result of a lack in sales.

Laws have also been passed in some countries that ban the sale of certain clothing brands.

The laws in some European countries, including Spain, France and Germany, are also being enforced.

In its statement, Lands End said that while it was working hard to bring back its US store, it would not be able to make a permanent closure.

It said that its decision to close the US store was based on its financial position and the limited sales it had been able to sustain.

Leesland-based Lands East Clothing has been selling clothing online since its inception in 2016.

It was based in the UK, but sold out in 2016 after its US site was shut down.