Edmonton Oilers head coach says players can’t stop talking about women’s clothes

Edmonton Oilers coach Todd McLellan says the women’s apparel market is a huge one for the team and the Oilers have an advantage with their size advantage.

“We can get away with it because we’re bigger, but there’s some of the other stuff that goes into it that we’re not as comfortable with, like we don’t want to have that big a conversation with them,” McLellans’ coach said.

The Oilers have a reputation for being a big hockey team, but McLell’s comment may not go down too well with the players.

“It’s not a good message for the players,” said forward Sarah Griffiths.

“When you have players that are so passionate about it and it’s such a huge market and you’re going to talk about it, I think that’s going to be a problem for us.”

Griffiths was among the Oilers who tweeted after the team’s win over the St. Louis Blues on Thursday night that they are a “men’s brand.”

“It is,” McLellenan said.

“I can’t be more clear.

I can’t control what people do.

But we do know how to get people talking.”

The Oilers will play their next game Friday against the Edmonton Oilers at the Scotiabank Saddledome.