When it comes to dogs, there’s a lot to choose from

A new breed of dog clothes has just been launched by a fashion designer.

The Dog, Fashion, & Fashion Designer (D&FDS) brand features stylish and fashionable items that are designed for dogs to wear.

The company, based in Ireland, has been making dog clothing since 2009 and the latest addition to the line-up is the new Peti, the new “peti” version of the Peti line-over dog clothing.

The Peti brand is designed to appeal to the dog lover, with the new version offering more than 100 styles and sizes.

The brand has been praised for its quality and has been received very positively in the US.

The company’s founders, Patrice and Claire Hagan, both worked in the fashion industry and were inspired by the dogs they worked with.

Their daughter, Toni, who is also the founder of the company, said the Petis had been a key part of their lives growing up and they wanted to create something for their dog.

“We’ve wanted to make a line that was for dogs as well as anyone else and we wanted to give them something that was designed to fit into their wardrobe,” she said.

“It’s a brand that has a lot of the things that you would wear with a dog.”

Patrice and Toni Hagan have launched a new line of dog clothing, the Petia line-Over, which features many different styles and size options for dogs.

(Photo: Caters)The company was started in the early 1980s and has since expanded into a number of lines including the Petite, Peti and Peti Plus.

In the US, the company has also launched the Petinium line-Under and Petiniacos line-Out.

Patrice said that the brand’s aim was to create a line for dogs that was “not just for dogs who love them but for dogs from any walk of life, any size and any breed”.

“We want to help people find the right dog clothes for them to fit any kind of dog and any lifestyle, and that’s what we want to do,” she explained.

“We’re all about the dog and we want people to find a product that fits their lifestyle, not just for their pet.”

The new Petia series is a collection of styles for dogs including a range of collars, hats and other accessories.

(Image: Catchers)Patrice explained that the Petias “collars” feature a removable, mesh neckband and collar that can be attached to the wearer’s collar.

The “collar” is also removable, which means the dog can wear it and the owner can take it off without breaking it.

The collar is made of “soft and flexible fabric that will keep it securely attached, but it also comes with a small mesh pocket so you can store the collar on the dog.

The new series of Petias also features a variety of sizes, from the Petit size, to the Petio size, which is designed for small dogs.

It also features dog collar accessories, which can be worn by the owner and their dog or worn on their own.”

If you have a pet with a big head and you have big ears and you’re just a regular person, you’d probably want a dog collar that’s the size of your head, but the Petios are a little smaller, so they can fit on your ears as well,” Patrice explained.”

I think there are a lot more different styles of collar, so that’s why I think it’s important for people to come to the Dog, Fashions, & Fashonal Designer to see the different breeds and different sizes that they can buy and see what the difference is.

“Read moreThe Petia collection is available in different sizes, and Patrice said they also offer a range for men and women.”

They’re very versatile and they’re very wearable, so you could wear them to work and work out, or you could have them on your lap, they’re great for kids too,” she told RTE.”

You can have the Peties with kids, or if you have your kids that are in school you can wear them and get the attention of the kids, you can be the one to take them out, and they’ve got a lot going on with that.

“A range of Peti products can be found at the Petiamotel, an online store run by Patrice.

Patri said she hoped the new line would appeal to all breeders, but there was a “big gap” in dog clothing for women.”[Women] are really the ones who are looking for a different type of product that’s not just tailored to fit their body type, and the Petiacos are perfect for that,” she added.”

The Petis are designed to be a good quality piece for your dog and they are a good piece for women, but if you want to make it more for men, you have