New clothing line with new color: Yellowstone

In the last year, we’ve seen the rise of the outdoor gear industry in terms of clothing.

From the $50+ hiking boots, to the $180 jackets, to even the $600 denim jackets.

The rise of outdoor gear has also led to the proliferation of new, affordable apparel lines.

One such company is Yellowstone, whose latest venture into outdoor apparel is called the Yellowstone 2.0 line.

The line has some interesting design elements, including a nylon shell and leather straps, as well as a hood and rain jacket.

Its creators say that the new line will “be the first to deliver high-quality and affordable apparel at a low price point,” though we’ll have to see what they actually look like.

It’s unclear what kind of clothing this line will carry, but it will have some notable pieces from the new Yellowstone brand.

We’ll update when we know more.[Ars Technica via Ars Technic]