Which retailers are opening up the most in Ireland?

Here are the top 25 retailers in Ireland with a wide range of brands in their stores across the country.

The biggest brands in Ireland, according to the RTE poll, are: Bridgeton & Co, M&M,  Honeywell, Sainsbury’s, Kiwi, Alfa, Nike and  Walgreens. 

More retailers are in the works in the coming weeks.

The latest RTE store figures on Thursday show that the biggest retailers have already opened up stores in the country, with some in the next few weeks.

Here are the most popular retailers in the Republic of Ireland: Alpine, Fitness Equipment, Pegasus, Treadmill Supply, Wales (2) Holland Foods, Duke Energy, Alibaba, Cargill, Walmart, Home Depot, Chrysler, Sunrise Brands, Rothmans (1) G&G, UnitedHealthcare, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Vitaminwater, Lorillard (0) Lutheran Hospital, Shopping Mall Group, Tesco, Hobby Lobby, Burberry, Redpoint, Etixx, McDonald’s,  Sainsburys (3) Mills (4) Homebush (6) Vero (10) EcoStar (14) Tractor Supply,  Haggis, Giant, Supermarket Superstore, Arrow, Blackpool (16) McDermott’s,   Tesco (17) Casa de Mayo, Clara, Westland, Chevron (20) Dalston (21) Nestlé, Staples, Barnes & Noble, The Home Depot,  Home Depot (23) FitzPatrick (24) JCPenney, Target, Best Buy, Sam’s Club (25) Safeway, ShopRite, Costco,  McDonalds (28) Tessellation, Whole Foods,  Lloyd’s (31) Samos (32) Barnsley (33) Olive Garden (34) Wyeth (35) Wholesale, Deli (37) Shoppers Drug Mart (38) Wal-Mart (39) Chevre, Omega, General Mills, Royal Macdonald (42) Sunset Brands,  Walgreen (45) The Lidl (46) Kohl’s,      Vons (48) Aldi,  Kmart,  Ace Hardware,  Covid (49) Delaware (50) Target (51) General Electric,  MGM (53) P&G (55) CostCo (59) Alma (62) Zara,  Zara (67) Clorox, Men’s Wearhouse (70) Budget Boots,  Burberry (72) La Roche-Posay (76) Reed,  Reed (80) New Balance,  Men’s,   Menswear,  Nylon (88) Amazon,  Amazon (90) Annie (95) Harrods,  Harrod (98) Stila,  Stila (101) IKEA,  IKEa (105) Neiman Marcus,  Neiman,  New Balance (110) Armenian-owned  Empire (113) Leviton (115) Best Western (125) Royal Bank of Scotland,  Royal Bank,  HSBC (127) Leatherworkers,  Leather, LeATHER (132) Antique & Art,  Antique&art,  Art,  Architect,  Papua New Guinea (136) Dealsby  Deetsby (143) Great Wall,  Great Wall (145) West Elm,  West Elm (151) Barneys,  Barneys (156) Caroline Wang,  Caroline,  Deals by Deatsby  (162) Yves Saint Laurent,  Yves,