When you don’t want to see the sun: The cost of keeping your house cool

More than half of all people are expected to stay in their homes when it is cooler than 35C, according to the US National Weather Service.

In the UK, only one in five households in the capital of London will be kept cool.

It is not just cold weather, but lack of energy, which has seen some households in London shut down and others move indoors.

In some parts of England, the capital’s heat wave has left many residents in their cars, which is why the National Grid has cancelled its power cuts.

It has also caused major delays to many rail services, leading to many commuters leaving home early for work, causing disruption to public transport.

However, despite this, Londoners are still venturing out to take advantage of warmer weather, and the National Weather service said it was “extremely rare” for the capital to see a peak in temperature.