When the Gap’s Gap Kids wear your Gap Kids clothes, they’re really not you

The Gap’s Kids are starting to show more of their real self, with the retailer revealing a new set of clothes featuring their kids’ faces and likenesses.

The brand revealed a new collection of Gap Kids t-shirts with their faces, including the first collection of their Gap Kids T-shirts, which feature the kids’ likenesses in a more cartoon-esque way.

The new collection, available for purchase online on the Gap website and in the Gap Kids’ own store, is inspired by Gap’s iconic logo, with an image of the Gap logo in the middle.

The Gap Kids are currently selling t-shirt sets with their kids as a way of showing their fandom of the brand, and the new collection is a good way to show that Gap is a fandom of its own.

While the Gap has a lot of cool products on the shelves, this new collection looks like it has more fans in it than the last collection.

The Gap Kids line of t- shirts was also announced this week, and you can check out the rest of the collection on the brand’s website.