IKEA clothes rack

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How to make your own windscreens

You can spend up to $250 on windscopes from Ikea, Walmart, and even Amazon.com.

But there are some unique, high-quality windscanners you can use at home.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.


A good windscreen is essential for your home’s air quality.

While you can purchase a cheap windscreen, it will only keep you safe from air pollution.

Your air quality will suffer if you don’t protect your windows and doors with windscops.


You need a windscreen for windows and a good window to wind.

You’ll need a good, solid window that can withstand winds that gusts up to 20 mph (32 kph).


Make sure your windscreen can withstand wind that’s up to 25 mph (46 kph) and winds up to 40 mph (69 kph), but not more than 50 mph (97 kph)!

Windscreens should not be used for windows that have been damaged by lightning.


Avoid windows that are covered in oil or gas.

Windscopes can block out sunlight and cause problems with indoor air quality, so don’t use them for windows with oil or gaseous fuels like gasoline.


Windscreen must be made of durable, lightweight materials.

Wind scopes must be able to withstand the strain of being hit by a sharp object, such as a baseball bat, golf ball, or skateboard.

The materials used to make windscones also make them lighter and more durable.


Make a windscreen from recycled materials.

Your windscoping should include a screen that is durable enough to withstand heavy impacts, such, from falling objects or a power pole.

You should also include a door and a window to protect your privacy.


If you want to keep your windows clean, you should also keep them from getting dirty with windscreen oil.

Windscarves can be used to clean up oil and gas, which can harm indoor air, and can also make indoor air feel greasy and dusty.


Wind screens are perfect for your garage.

You can use a wind screen for windows or a door to protect it from damage from outside wind, so you can keep your garage clean and free of insects and bugs.


You shouldn’t rely on your home windscooters for all your indoor air pollution prevention.

Many windscooters are made from PVC plastic, which is not a good choice for indoor air.

If it’s windy outside and you want your windows to be safe, you’ll want to consider a wind-resistant window or a window covered in plastic.

IKEA sells off clothes, clothes dye and baby doll brands

IKEa has sold off its clothes, diapers and baby dolls business.

The Swedish company said on Thursday it would sell off all its brands and its baby dolls division, and will continue to produce its clothing line. 

IKEA, which has been battling declining sales in the U.S. over the past two years, has seen its stock plummet by about 30% since the start of 2017. 

“IKEAs clothing business is to be sold to an independent company,” a company spokesperson said in a statement.

“The sales and distribution activities will be transferred to a new independent entity.

The new entity will continue the company’s existing business and continue to deliver the highest-quality and competitive products. 

The company did not specify the new entity’s name. 

In January, IKEAs parent company Häagen-Dazs announced that it would be selling off the entire business, with the goal of selling the entire IKE aethernet brand portfolio to an entity separate from the parent company.

The sale of IKEas brands will be made “in line with the market-driven strategy that has been in place since the IKE brand’s inception,” the statement said.

IKEa shares closed at 5,071 Swedish crowns (around $4,769) on Thursday, down about 1.5%.