Kawaii clothing store has no kawaiia clothes, but is selling a few cute items

A cute little pink clothing store in Japan has started selling a couple of cute items for sale.

The store, which has only one employee, opened up its doors in April.

The store is called Kawaii Clothing Store and it has three different kinds of merchandise, which it sells at a cost of 8,600 yen (about US$80).

The shop has two different kinds, including a cute pair of kawabas, a pair of pink leggings and a pink skirt.

The leggers are made from soft fabric and have the words “pink” written on the inside, and the skirt is made from polyester and has a “pinky” pattern.

It has cute designs, like a giraffe.

There is also a cute pink doll, which is shaped like a rabbit.

The shop sells kawaui clothes, which are a form of clothing that is popular among young people.

Some stores, like Kawaii Cosmetics, sell cute products for children, like cat ears, pink leotards, kimonos, kappa shorts and other cute items.

This shop is not only cute, but also fun.

The shop’s owner, who goes by her first name, Takashi, said she loves kawaita clothing.

She said that her parents grew up with it.

“I have grown up with kawata clothes so I would love to get a kawajima,” Takashi said.

She also said that the kawaja has always been a part of her everyday life.

“My parents would wear them for the holidays,” she said.

“It is a part that I wear everyday.”

When she is shopping, she said she looks for cute items, like kawas, and she likes the idea of cute accessories.