Why we’re loving the new Plus Size store in Windsor

The Windsor boutique, which was named ‘Best Plus Size Store’ by News.co.nz in 2015, has returned with a new, more chic line of clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

The store in the heart of the city will also offer the same range of vintage clothing, but in a slightly different colour scheme, and offer new collections for women, including women’s plus sizes, plus sizes and even swimwear.

The new PlusSize store is a major step forward for the Windsor clothing brand, which launched in 2013.

Its now the first outlet to be fully owned by a major fashion brand, following the arrival of the iconic T-shirts and other clothing brands that have made the town synonymous with fashion.

The brand said the new range would be an important step in creating a more authentic experience for customers.

“We know our customers want a lot of things to look like they do,” spokeswoman Kate Macdonald said.

“So we’re really excited about the range of clothing for men and women.”

She said the store would offer a range of women’s clothes in sizes ranging from a size 12 to a size 34.

“The new plus size range will be for women as well as men and it will include all the essentials to help you fit in with the lifestyle you live and work in,” she said.

Customers who visit the store on a Saturday or Sunday will also be able to buy women’s swimwear, plus size and plus size swimwear for men.

Customer service manager Amanda O’Reilly said the shop had a diverse clientele.

“When you’re walking into a boutique like this and you see the diverse collection of women and men, you think that there’s something for everybody, she said.”

“There’s a lot to love about this store and it’s something we’re excited about.”

The store is located at the intersection of Windsor Avenue and Kingsland Road, next to the Windsor Casino and the iconic Windsor Hotel.

Customs officials are currently conducting a survey to see if the store can expand into the surrounding area.